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Are you a Swiftie? If you are, you know that Taylor Swift is a huge influence in country and pop culture. You know that she is an activist. But what else is she? Let’s dive deep into the wonderful world of Welsh Valley Middle School, and discover the impact Taylor Swift has on the students and teachers of WVMS.

There has been a lot of excitement over The Eras Tour, a worldwide tour where Taylor sings in a concert including all of her albums, or “Eras.” Many new Swifties have bloomed now that the tour has begun, including myself. But it has had the opposite effect on some people. Now that Taylor has become so popular, many think she is overrated. And it doesn’t help the opposing side’s opinion that ticket sales have boosted her already wealthy budget incredulously; she is now a billionaire. People have mixed feelings about that.

“I just don’t see why she’s so popular,” says a concerned mom. “Now that she’s dating a football player, she’s so famous. Simone Biles married a football player, and she’s not getting as much credit!?”

This quote brings up another topic–Travis Kelce. He is a successful Chiefs player,  and apparently dating the one and only T.S.

“I think that Taylor is making Travis more famous than he already is,”says a 5th grade student at Welsh Valley. “I don’t know whether he deserves that extra glory or not. Personally, I’m an Eagles fan.” 

So how does Taylor have an influence on the students of Welsh Valley? Well, everyone’s opinion is different. There are people who burst into song at the mention of Taylor, and people who cover their ears. There are also people who don’t care one way or another. But is it disrupting the curriculum?

“People are so obsessed with Taylor,” says a 5th grade teacher. “As am I. But it can be a bit disruptive to class. I am trying to teach a class, and it’s just Taylor this and Taylor that.”

So what do you think? Does Taylor have a positive or negative influence on the students of Welsh Valley? Is she overrated? What about Travis? Your opinion is yours.

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