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Jazz Music Actually Slaps

Jazz music is good so give it a chance

Jazz music is good so stop saying it isn’t. Jazz music has been around for 100 years.

I mean, we can’t say that it’s better than rap or pop which has been around for about 90 years but it’s pretty good. Just think about it, the most popular songs for a wedding first dance have all been Jazz songs.

You think riding in a cool old Cadillac is classic? How about listening to the same jazz because that’s where it’s at.

Jazz not only has the blues in it but whenever you hear someone singing on the street and that song that just makes you want to dance the song is most likely jazz.

Jazz has dozens of different sounds all put into one song. I’m not knocking other music like rap and pop. I’m just saying that if you turned on Drake or Kanye in the car your mom would probably tell you to turn it off, and we all know our moms are always right.

Rap has guidelines; it has to be fast paced, and for it to sound good, it has to be recorded in a studio.

For jazz to sound good all you need is an instrument and a voice and that type of stuff can happen in the corner of a restaurant if you wanted it to.

You can’t say you love listening to music but then say you hate jazz. If you hate jazz then you must also hate a whole new type of revolution. It’s known for bringing people together! I mean come on now how can you not smile when you hear “What a Wonderful World.”

Maybe you just think it’s bad music because it actually has meaning and isn’t just some random song about a breakup or being rebellious when they probably wrote the songs from a mansion. Jazz has layers and depth so stop acting like it’s not cool to listen to jazz because news flash No One Cares about what you’re listening to on your Airpods.

I’m just saying that if you think jazz is not classy enough for you then check out this article. And If you think it’s too classy for you then go down to New Orleans and listen to some music on the streetside.

Now you know with jazz don’t knock it till you have tried it.

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