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Badminton Club


Attention, badminton players! Have you been looking for something to occupy your time after school? The Welsh Valley gym might be the end of your dilemma! The start of a new club has officially been announced, and the club is (drum a roll please) a badminton club!

Maybe you aren’t a badminton-lover, and that’s totally understandable! Perhaps you have no idea what badminton is, and that’s okay too! Let me clear things up for you. Badminton, much like tennis, can be played in single v. single, or double v. double.

Badminton is a game played on either a court or a field. A tall net separates the teams/players. Okay, by now you probably have tennis in mind, but badminton is different. For one thing, the net is taller, more like a volleyball net than a net used for tennis. The rackets are thinner and longer, and the spot that you’re supposed to hit the ball with is smaller. Speaking of balls, badminton doesn’t have one! Instead of a ball, badminton uses birdies – or shuttlecocks – as their ball. A picture of a birdie is shown below.

This may surprise you, but the founding members of this club are actually students here at Welsh Valley, just like you (unless you are a teacher).

The club was founded because, as you know, the badminton unit just reached an end in PE, but the game inspired four students named Trinley, Eden, Matilda, and Arava. These four enjoyed the sport, and every PE class left them happy.

But as you know, playing badminton in PE was only meant for a short period of time. However, these students didn’t want to end their badminton-playing, and so the idea of a badminton club was proposed. Now students will be able to play and practice badminton and maybe even play in a few tournaments!

Despite the many excited students, the club has no sponsor, which is why they are now holding meetings in I/E instead of after school. The club needs a sponsor in order to begin after school meetings and practices.

Once they find a sponsor, the club will transition from I/E to after school, and you will be able to join fellow badminton players outside of the school day for games, practices, and tournaments!

If this club does not draw your attention, there are plenty of other Welsh Valley clubs that may interest you. For example, there’s Art Club, Poetry Club, Newspaper Club, and plenty of athletic options. Welsh Valley’s theater program, Valley TLC, will be putting together another phenomenal performance next year, and if none of these sound like something you would like, there’s a whole list of amazing clubs that can be found on the Welsh Valley website!

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