Spring Sports Article

Spring Sports Article

Spring Sports Informational Sheet

Spring sports have just begun! Welsh Valley offers a variety of sports, including track, softball, tennis, baseball, and lacrosse. Below is some information for those interested:



Coaches: Mr Scott, Ms Eichman, Mr Rosen

Practice schedule: Mon-Fri, 3:10-4:15 (track) 4:15-5:30 (field)

The track team is great for anyone wanting to develop speed and endurance Also available, try your hand at the many field events, such as the long jump, high jump, hurdles, javelin, or shot put. No prior running experience is needed, only dedication and a good pair of running shoes. 


Girl’s Softball

Coach: Mr Welsh

Practice Schedule: Mon-Fri, 3:10-5:30

Get ready for a fun season of warm weather and friendship! Softball is a great way to meet new people and hone your softball skills. If you’ve never played before, now is the best time to learn the basics and test it out yourself. Equipment not provided by Welsh Valley. Be prepared to carry your equipment to and from school every day. 


Boy’s baseball


Practice Schedule: Mon- Fri, 3:10- 5:30

Baseball is another one of Welsh Valley’s top sports teams. Work hard in practice and in games and enjoy all that baseball has to offer. Face off against competitive schools and make memories with your teammates. Have fun playing one of America’s most beloved sports.


Boy’s Tennis

Coach: Mr Shannon

Practice Schedule: Mon- Fri, 3:10- 5:30

Available only to boys in the spring, the tennis season holds a lot of promise to players seeking to work on their technique and strengthen their game. Expect to play many games this season, home and away, against schools like Black Rock, Bala Cynwyd, Radnor, and Haverford. No prior Tennis experience is needed, but be sure to bring your own racket and water bottle.



Coaches: Mr Borsche, Mr Bickell

Practice Schedule: Mon-Fri, 3:10-5:30

If you are interested in playing lacrosse in the spring, look no further than Welsh Valleys boys’ or girls’ lacrosse teams. Develop skill and endurance throughout the season at practice and in games. Enjoy being part of an amazing team and making connections with your friends and classmates. Students are responsible for their own equipment.