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All Year School vs. Regular School


Everybody knows about summer break. I mean, it’s simple. You spend the winter, spring and fall in school, and then get out in the summer. But what if you have no summer break? I know it sounds horrible, but that’s what some schools are transitioning to. You have school in the summer while maintaining the same amount of days at school by shoving multiple bigger breaks into the school year instead. So this article is going to be all about the pros and cons of this choice. 

First of all, maybe it could be a thing to look forward to? I know what you’re thinking right now: but why? I doubt anyone would not want to have summer break. Summer break is the best thing to look forward to, and for a lot of students, the best part of the entire year! But think about it. Smaller breaks throughout the year could be a little bit better. With the breaks being more common and about three to four weeks long, you could finally have something close to look forward to, instead of summer break seeming centuries away. For students, this can mean less stress. 

Second, it could be better for seasonal things, like winter sports and holidays. Instead of squeezing a fast trip nearby to Elk or Camelback for your winter break, you could take a plane to Colorado and ski on beautiful mountains. Instead of rushing to hang out with family and friends during the holiday season, you can comfortably chill with your relatives anywhere from Philadelphia to Paris. 

But, of course there’s the downside. Who in the world would want to have school in the summer? I don’t think that anyone wants to go to school in the sweltering heat. Especially with the new record-crushing hot summers, it would just add to the list of annoying things about school. 

And finally, not many other schools do it! Sure, I said many schools are transitioning, but not that much! An estimated four percent of all schools according to the National Association for Year-Round Education choose this schedule, meaning that you’re probably going to get the occasional gloat from your cousin across the country, and you may feel excluded. How much would it stink to see kids playing outside while you’re working on a test?

In conclusion, all year school has a lot of ups and downs. While many students would choose for things to stay the same, a lot of things can be said for the new type of schedule. We won’t be getting this new update anytime soon, though. 

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