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Dragon Dollars: The Power of Incentivizing


Incentives, they have been around since the beginning of time. Dragon Dollars are a perfect example of incentivizing.

You see, Incentivizing is rewarding good behavior with some kind of good. Incentivizing encourages students to not have good behavior, but to be exceptionally kind. Studies show rewarding students for good behavior is more effective than punishing students for bad behavior, ex: My math teacher recently made a deal with us if we reach an A in IXL he will make it so we don’t have to do any IXL next week and if everyone gets an A we get a game day on the Wii.

Now, students who were previously at the bottom are now getting tons of skills. Though not all incentives are good, for example an incentive that only awards a group of kids or kids that are bad and does not award the students who were always good is a bad form of incentivizing.Which brings us to the main point of this article, Dragon Dollars.

Dragon Dollars are awarded to students monthly, teachers can give students Dragon Dollars whenever they want and are recorded in a spreadsheet. You can spend Dragon Dollars at the Dragon Dollar Store located at the end of the second floor of the D Building.

It’s open the last Wednesday of every month during Recess, and the first Thursday of every month during I/E. Rewards cost varying amounts of Dragon Dollars from one all the way to five.

There are two types of rewards: swag and slips, swag includes stuff like drawstring bags, water bottles and pencils.

Slips include items like Free Pretzel Pass, Homework Pass (NOT every assignment can be avoided with a homework pass) and pick any seat in a class for a week.

All these reasons and more explain why The Power of Incentivizing can help many people.

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