Walking Through the Future Store


Cassandra Bush 6, Poet

Walking through the future store
They have flying shoes and more
Just walk on through the door
People who do not even touch the floor
This store is never a bore

Thousands of posters taped to the wall
They have more items than a mall
A banana phone that can make a call
Hats that make sure you never fall
Look, a planet sized beach ball

The CEO is a regal cat
He got the idea from a time machine hat
Employees sent to the future with a baseball bat
They need to fight off the giant rat
Then they bring you your hoverboard for you to be sat

And while on that board you lay
A knife they sharpen for a person fillet!
They will stab you in the back, so run away
Remember to block the doorway
So others’ souls and bodies are not cast away