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Winter Break


Winter break was last week, and many people enjoyed this small, one week break. Most classes before were just easy movies or fun activities. So what makes this break so important? And why does it exist?

Well, winter break officially formed because of holidays. In Ancient Rome, Saturnalia was celebrated starting December 17, close to our break. Then, of course, Christmas is also in that same time period. Kwanzaa, an African-American holiday, falls in the same week or so. So all those holidays made it a good choice to make that week off. Also, there was an old tradition way back in the early days of America where children would come into the schoolhouse sometime near Christmas, lock the teacher out, and demand that they give Christmas vacation. The only way the teachers were allowed in was if they gave sweets.  The students would sometimes even carry weapons! That might’ve also pushed the schools into this tradition. 

So what’s up with this year? Well, airlines are bracing for a big travel season. The most gigantic travel days are estimated to be between December 22nd and 23rd for going somewhere, and 26th 30th for traveling home. Long lines and big crowds are expected. Christmas was very big this year, falling on a Monday. New Years Eve and Day follow shortly after. 

So that’s the basics. Our winter break has a long, interesting history, and the holidays are all part of it. Just don’t get any ideas and start barricading Welsh Valley and not letting the teachers in. If anyone asks, it was all your idea.


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