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Performance Perfection


This fall, Valley TLC (the Welsh Valley theater program) put together an amazing production of  “The Show Must Go On”. Shout out to Isadora Pendygraft, who wrote this play. We interviewed Ms. Lam, the head of the fall play and  a general music teacher, for information on what it was like being part of the production.

Question 1: How do you work as a team to put the performance together?  

Ms. Lam: “Valley TLC productions always consists of 3 teams – the cast, stage crew, and design crew. Each team has its own set of responsibilities, and all 3 work together to put on a great show. The cast consists of performers who act out the story of the play on stage. The stage crew works behind the scenes during performances to make sure all transitions happen smoothly. The design crew meets outside of rehearsals to create all of the sets, props, and costume(s) you see on-stage.” 

Question 2: What is it like behind the curtain on show night? 

Ms. Lam: “There is always a lot of energy behind the curtain on show night. We are all simultaneously excited and slightly nervous. Students and staff are making last-minute adjustments to costumes to make sure everyone looks and feels their best before going on stage.” 

Question 3:  How do you pick the people to be in the cast/design crew/stage crew?

Ms. Lam: “Selection for participation in Valley TLC is based on either a live audition or written application. Students in all grades are considered for the fall play. This year we have over 50 students participating! Valley TLC will hold another round of auditions and open up crew applications for its annual spring musical Shrek Jr. in November. Listen to the announcements to learn more!”  


Ms. Lam and Ms. Babcock put together a wonderful performance revolving around a group of students and teachers reenacting “Alice In Wonderland,”experiencing problems in the process, such as budget and friendship.

Now that we know more about Ms. Babcock and Ms. Lam’s play, we can come to the conclusion that the next performance ( Shrek Jr. the Musical ) will be marvelous and fascinating

 This gives us real insight into what it’s like being a part of Valley TLC. After reading this, you may want to participate in upcoming Valley TLC performances such as the Spring Musical. It is an entertaining and rewarding activity that also provides participants with theater experience. You can try out to be involved in the play, or be part of set/costume design. Either way, it is a fun extracurricular activity!

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