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A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Book Review


Everything has a price. This is the lesson 17 year-old Pip Fitz-Amobi learns as the protagonist in  the young adult mystery novel,  “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder” by Holly Jackson. Following the life of a young girl and her town’s secrets, Pip tries to find a school project idea when she remembers a murder that had happened in her town 5 years ago. Someone she knew was found guilty, but Pip decides to investigate her [alternative] opinion on the matter. Despite college applications looming, Pip feels her project pulling her in. She goes on a journey to find the real killer and can’t rest until she solves the case. 

When Pip is interviewing likely suspects, she comes across a willing partner, the suspected killer’s brother. Does teaming up with him make her more motivated to find the truth? Of course. And does it make things a lot harder? Definitely! As Pip navigates troublesome circumstances, her end goal becomes even more desirable. As a novice investigator, Pip focuses on finding more suspects, instead of finding more clues. Challenged by finding new evidence, she starts to give up. Her interest in solving this crime consumers her, and she knows that there is no way she can stop until it’s solved. Threats start coming her way and it seems her life is falling apart. The real question is, can she find who did it before she’s forced to give up?

Author Holly Jackson approaches this story  by showing pictures of clues and case files. It helps the reader imagine the story more clearly from the start, which is not an easy feat in a mystery novel. Holly also gives high importance to relationships. For example, she writes, “Cara’s wasn’t the face of a best friend; it was the face of a sister.” We see many bonds form and cultivate throughout the story, though some relationships suffer as the plot thickens.

This novel is definitely recommended for all readers. It is a perfect mystery book and has so many plot twists causing the reader to become very invested. It is not too scary, and avoids  “horror and gore” descriptions – yet, it is definitely thrilling! The characters are all well-developed  and intriguing. You’ll love this book and plan on continuing to read the rest of the series!


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