Word vs Google Docs

Ella Scott 5, Journalist

         Can you guess what I’m using to write this article right now? You’ll probably say Google Docs, because of our school computers and Doc’s recent popularity. But a few years ago, your answer would have almost definitely been Microsoft Word. So why? And what are the best attributes of each site? Let’s look into it. 

         One, pricing. Amazingly, Google Docs is free to download. And there’s nothing you have to buy once you get it! The only thing you have to do is create a Google account, which is absolutely free. Microsoft, on the other hand, typically costs from 70 to 160 dollars. Google Docs 1, Microsoft 0!

         Then, there’s sharing and collaborating. For Google Docs, this is one of their biggest strengths. Sharing is fast and easy; you can see your friend’s or co-worker’s edits in real-time, it notifies you of any edits the person has made when you are offline, and so much more. For Word, you actually have to use another app to have access to sharing capabilities. 

         Third, file compatibility. While Google Docs has decent PDF, Word importing, and system, it lacks being able to “save as” in the system. Microsoft Word has this ability, though. Speaking of which, online usage. Google Docs does not work offline unless you go through a few steps. Word, on the other hand, does. This means that you can access your important documents on an airplane or anywhere! This is a small detail yet important. 

         Now, there’s another detail that I must mention: security. While to us kids this is not a topic of interest, to adults or other types of users it is a necessity. Google has been known for not having the safest security, and there is the fear of being hacked. Microsoft Word, meanwhile, is thought of as more shielded, because it is safer to have documents on your personal computer than on a website. 

         Last but not least, overall usage. While Google Docs may have fantastic features, some of them are a bit limited. Many people agree with this, noting that formatting is especially tough.  Microsoft Word, however, allows all of the formatting functions and they don’t ever look glitchy on the screen. This is a definite strength. 

         Overall, I’m not sure. While Microsoft Word is good for work, Docs is perfect for kids messing around or simply people who want an easy to learn, cheap site. Or maybe you could use a mix of both. It’s your choice. Which one do you prefer?