Guns or Lives?

Student Writer, Journalist

  “Why is giving guns easy, but giving books is hard” (Malala Yousafzai). The fact that there’s more control over books than guns in America is infuriating and shocking. Do we care more about an amendment that’s been made 232 years ago, than the lives of the people now?


  In 2022, there were 51 school shootings that resulted in injury and or death. Out of those 51 school shootings more than 140 people were killed or injured. 40 of those people died. 32 of them were children, 8 of them were staff members. No school year in the U.S. in nearly a decade saw as much gunfire as the 2021-2022 academic calendar. The future generations’ lives are at stake and yet here we are, barely any changes at all. If in only 2 years the amount of gun violence was higher than a decade, there’s clearly something flawed in our system.

 One thing we need to realize is when the second amendment was created. It was written in 1791, let me say that again, 1791. It’s been 232 years. The reason I constantly bring it up is because that was a completely different time period in America. Guns were nowhere near as powerful and complex as they are now. If our guns can develop overtime, so can our laws. In 1791 one of the only ways you could protect yourself was with a gun. Now, in 2023 there’s many more options to protect yourself and your family. We have the 911 line, we have cars and trucks that move almost immediately into action to help. There’s even classes or videos to help you if ever in a dangerous situation. The only people who should be allowed to bear arms, is someone who goes through months of training.


  Time and time again it has been proved to us that gun violence is completely out of control. It feels like people treat guns like some sort of precious gem but don’t bat an eye when it comes to harming others. Then again, that’s the only reason guns were made. December 14, 2012 Newtown Connecticut, that date and place sound familiar? That’s the date and place of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. This shooting left 28 people dead and marks the U.S as one of the deadliest shootings ever recorded. In less than five minutes the suspect killed 26 people, firing 154 rounds. Many of the victims were children ages 11 and under. Along with that, the suspect killed The principal, Dawn Hochsprung  and school psychologist, Mary Sherlach. After killing 28 people the suspect shot himself and was found dead. The amount of school shootings have only skyrocketed since then. This is one of the biggest pieces of evidence showing the corruption of guns.


  In the end, if gun laws cannot be stricter, then we should try our best to prevent gun violence. One way we can prevent gun violence is notify a parent or trustworthy adult about suspicious behavior around your school. Another way is to peacefully protest with others. Everyday we sit here practicing drills, waiting for one,  but at the same time, there’s someone out there taking steps forward to plot one. Hopefully, we can end the corrupt misuse of guns. For not only for the people now, but also the people of the future.