Girls+ STEM Night

Cassandra Bush 6, Journalist

If you’ve been listening to the announcements, you will have heard about Girls+ STEM Night on March 27th, at LMHS. Its purpose is to “[e]xpose younger girls and gender diverse students to various STEM-related careers,” (LMSD). STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math; four fields that women are underrepresented in. 4th through 6th grade girls and gender diverse kids can come to Lower Merion High School to try STEM and see if they want to pursue a job in that field. Here are a few reasons why this innovative night is crucial to our district:

There are many things that can help get people interested in STEM, and the STEM Night will cover them. The graphic says that it is good to elevate female STEM role models, as many young girls don’t have a female model to inspire them. It will be designed to expose attendees to STEM careers and fields, likely having activities to expose them. The goal is to inspire all people to pursue careers. 

There are many reasons this is necessary. As the LMSD website cites many times, only 28% of STEM workers are women. This is a tiny proportion! For context, that means 72% of the STEM workforce are not women, being almost entirely men. Women are severely underrepresented in one of the largest and most important fields in our future. Scientists create rockets that fly to Mars and cures for cancer; coders and electricians are building up the newest industry, tech, with thousands of websites and countless opportunities; engineers create the machines that help our world run, from car factories to water fountains; and mathematicians send people to space. These are all innovating fields with so much potential that women need to be represented in.

As you can see, Girls+ STEM night is necessary and fun. It will help girls learn about potential careers and opportunities and help represent role models, as there are not very many women in STEM. This is valuable information and experiences to influence young kids and give them a new idea of what they could do in life. This and other similar nights are very good ideas, as hopefully everyone will see.