Pros and Cons: No School on Wednesdays


Genevieve Berman, Writer

Have you ever not wanted to go to school in the morning? I know I have. Lately, people have been signing petitions to not have school on Wednesdays. But what’s good about it and what is bad?

First of all, it will help teachers. Teachers have to plan every lesson that they teach. Teachers are always planning new and educational lessons for their students and they don’t always have a lot of time to do that. If we have Wednesdays off they can plan more lessons. They can also grade tests and go over homework. Plus, they get a break from their students.

If you like sleeping in, you would like having Wednesdays off. All week we get up really early. I normally get up around 6:40-6:45 and I still am not fully ready for the day by the time I leave for school. Also, in 2024 our school start times are getting changed which means some of us would be getting up even earlier in the morning so a day off during the week would be nice.

You can also catch up on homework or projects.
It could benefit you if you finish any extra work that you haven’t turned in yet or that is due soon. You can also turn in assignments early.

I always love to hang out with my friends and Wednesdays can make it easier too. When you go to school, you’re with friends but some friends have different classes then you and might not see them as much. When you have off you can hang out with them.

But there are some negatives about not having school on Wednesdays. For example, have you ever noticed that there are 180 days in a school year? Well, how would you feel if school went into the summer? If we take out every Wednesday in the school year, we would need to have school in the summer, which isn’t fun.
Without Wednesdays we would have a longer school year and a shorter summer break.

I asked my teacher what he thinks about having no school on Wednesdays. His response was, “I think that there could be many benefits of a four-day week for students. I think it could benefit families and life at home. People will have more time to be with family and friends. It will give the ability to build on their character and core values that are important to them” (Mr.Rob McDermott).

In conclusion, having Wednesdays off might be a good idea but it has some flaws. What do you think about having no school on Wednesdays?