8th Grade School Spirit: Welsh Valley vs Bala Cynwyd

8th Grade School Spirit: Welsh Valley vs Bala Cynwyd

School Spirit: Welsh Valley’s Basketball teams make waves


On Friday February 10th, Welsh Valley’s 8th grade girls and boys teams challenged Bala Cynwyd to a riveting basketball game. This was the first time that all of 8th grade attended a pep rally together since Covid. Events like these are a step to rebuilding school spirit after online school stripped students of a deep sense of community. Students sat in bleachers to watch the games, as well as listen to performances by selected members of the choir and part of the Welsh Valley band. Maya Duckworth, a player from the girls’ team, said, “The game was really exciting; I was really surprised how much Welsh Valley pride we had.” Student and spectator Josie Guglielmo said, “The students were respectful yet inspiring. It was an overall good environment.” Mr. Pitonyak added, “Exactly… It was wonderful.”

Kicking off the event, the girls’ teams faced off in a close match. Despite their defeat, they showed superlative effort, with star player Vivian Laetsch scoring 7 points. Sofia Lowry, manager of the team, scored points within seconds of being put on the court. Every player performed with great improvement. Gemma Pahys had many assists and helped her teammate, Malaysia Major, score points. The girls ultimately displayed the hard work that they have been putting in practice all season in their great plays. We hope to see them continue to improve throughout the remainder of the season.

Respectively, the boys team was on fire when they crushed the BC Knights. Leading off in the second half, Welsh Valley was winning 22-11. Malik Brown scored free throw after free throw.  Sonya Campenella highlights that “Malik did so well.” Spectators had many things to say about the rest of the team, too, with quotes like, “Theo is King” and “We’re too good.” Jonah Axelman, Kunga Parshingtsang, and Elijah Wilkens also scored impressive points for Welsh Valley, securing our victory in this vital match.  

Overall, the event was a big jump in re-establishing our school spirit after it took a toll during covid. Students got to watch their friends and classmates face off in a fierce match bringing home the title for Welsh Valley. Good luck to the Dragons to finish the winter season strong!