Opinion On Backpacks


Backpacks at School

We should carry our backpacks to classes with us instead of carrying around all of our supplies, and I have three main reasons for this. These will show the value of bringing our backpacks. It is easy to lose things without a backpack, things fall more often when you carry them yourself, and you can hold more items easily with a backpack. 

First, I find it much easier to lose things when I carry them around. Recently, I had a scare when I thought I lost my book for class when it likely fell off of my pile of items, luckily another kid in my class found it, but it was a close call. If I had been carrying around my backpack and had it stowed inside, I would have not lost it in the first place. This is something that shouldn’t happen in the first place. Backpacks will help us lose items less.

Second, another problem is that things fall more often without a backpack. When I stumble, sometimes everything falls out for my arms and I need to scramble to pick everything up without being late. Also, when I am in a rush I sometimes need to walk faster, but that puts me in danger of having my pencil case or books fall to the ground. Both of these are just plain inconvenient. Students sometimes have only a few minutes to go across campus to another class, and dropping your pencil case can give you a tardy. Backpacks let us let go of the fear of dropping your books and keep you from being late to class.

Third, another advantage of carrying backpacks around is that we can carry more. When we move classes, sometimes I need to go completely across campus. Going so far can be very tiring and make us late to class, especially after gym. With a backpack, it distributes the weight more so that you feel less strain. When we go to I&E, I don’t feel strained from carrying my stuff, and having backpacks during that transition makes a difference for me. Having backpacks will help with the strain of transition periods and aching arms.

There are a few problems with this solution I have mentioned. One may be that it could be hard to figure out what to carry around and what to leave in your locker, bringing too much just because you can may create more problems than the backpacks solve.. A solution to that could be to put everything you normally carry in your arms into your backpack. This would also mean students have to empty their backpacks more often, and it could cause items that students keep in their backpacks to get lost. As long as we pay attention to what is in our backpacks, this hopefully won’t be a problem.

To sum this up; We should carry around our backpacks because it is much easier to lose things if they are loose, things fall more often when going from class to class without backpacks, and backpacks let us carry around more with less or the same effort. There may be a few problems with this, but they have solutions. This change would benefit the school because it would be useful and helpful if we could carry our backpacks around.