Start to Winter Wrestling


Peter Beh, Editor


Fall sports being over, a new set of sports is around the corner. Boys’ Basketball, Girls’ Basketball, and Wrestling are Welsh Valley’s three winter sports. All of these sports have already started, and players seem excited for practice every day. But one sport is constantly ignored, and that is wrestling. Despite being overlooked, the wrestling coaches are eager to get moving with the team. The wrestling team consists of kids from all three middle schools, 30 in total, and a load of bravery. Although for most, this is their first year of wrestling, and they are not afraid of trying new things. Every wrestler is going out and trying their best to grow physically and mentally on the mat. “They [the wrestlers] are taking on a new sport, learning new moves, and meeting new friends. They are doing a fantastic job.” Coach Esibill speaks. 

But while the coaches are teaching kids new moves and skills, Coach Esibill puts kids’ mentality and their ability to learn about themselves in front of them. “The growth of each wrestler mentally and physically is incredible…Wrestling is a sport that not only teaches you new moves that can be used as self defense but it teaches a lot about yourself.” These few sentences make this sport seem very different, and not just a “tackle the other person to win” type of thing. Coach Esibill is able to put the sport into a whole new light. Not just for the wrestlers themselves, but for the average person who has no experience in it. He goes on to talk more about just how many things the sport can teach you. “In wrestling you are all by yourself. When you lose you have to take all that on yourself, which is hard. But that is a huge life lesson.” 

Of course, the coaches finding the students’ hidden potential is key. But what really counts is the mentality of the kids. Even though only a few practices have been done, Coach Esibill has seen many strong starts. “I am impressed by how the students manage their time with transportation to BCMS each day.” He says. “I am so proud of the dedication they have shown to being at practice.” This is by far the main thing for wrestlers to keep in mind. They will each have their individual downs, but as Coach Esibill says, “On the flip side, when you win it feels so incredible to know that it was all you. A very proud feeling.”