Welsh Valley’s Music Program

WV’s Music Programs By Tancey Li 

The Welsh Valley Music program is a very advanced group of kids that play and perform music to entertain people. There are various music programs at Welsh Valley including Orchestra, Band, Jazz Band, Chamber Orchestra, General Music, and Chorus. These programs are available for students from grades 5-8. Concerts are usually performed two times, separated in two groups. The 5th and 6th graders perform together, while the 7th and 8th graders perform together. These programs offer students the opportunity to learn about music’s history and important skills such as persistence, patience, and teamwork. 

The Orchestra is led by Mrs. Norris and Mrs. McCarrick. The Band is led by Mr. Homicz and Ms. Vieytez. The General Music Teacher is Ms. Lam, who is also the director of the musical. The Chorus teacher is Ms. Callaghan. The Chamber Orchestra is led by Mrs. McCarrick, and the Jazz Band is led by Mr. Homicz and Ms. Vieytez.

The Orchestra is a program that includes string instruments, such as the violin, viola, cello, and bass. They are currently practicing Ventus by Todd Parrish, Moonlight Tango by Richard Meyer, and Finale from William Tell Overture by Giacchino Rossini and arranged by Sandra Dackow. The Band includes instruments such as the clarinet, flute, trombone, trumpets, french horns, saxophones and percussion. They’re currently practicing Los Banditos by Quincy Hilliard, Shadowlands by John McAllister and Sailing by Virginia Allen. 

General Music is for students who don’t play instruments for the music program but still want to create beautiful music. Chorus is a class with talented student singers that are combined together to create a beautiful harmony of voices. The songs they are singing right now is Oye, Wagon Wheel, Hashivenu, I Lived, Hine Ma Tov, and Shoshone Love Song. Their concert is next Wednesday, 1/11/23 at 7pm at Welsh Valley. They will have various accompaniments for their songs. For instance, in Hine Ma Tov, they will be accompanied by Tancey Li as their violinist and a professional pianist.  

 The Chamber Orchestra is for advanced students that are only allowed into the program by auditioning. They’re currently practicing Jupiter by Gustav Holst arranged by Deborah Baker Monday, Ignite by Kathryn Griesinger. The Jazz Band is separated into two groups, one being more advanced than the other. The Junior Jazz Band is not able to go to competitions, but they are currently practicing [ insert song names ]. The Senior Jazz Band is a group of students that are selected by auditioning for it. They are able to compete at various schools to win trophies, solo awards, best section etc. They are currently practicing Now’s The Time by [composer], What a Wonderful World by [composer]. 

With all these music programs combined, it creates the wonderful music that is being played at Welsh Valley Middle School. Of course, there is also the Musical, but that is for another separate article by Elizabeth Berberian. To sum it all up, the Welsh Valley music program is truly unique with a bunch of talented students coming together to create magical moments at Welsh Valley.