Crime Using Guns and How to Prevent It

Elizabeth Berberian, Journalist

Guns Should Be Banned: Crime Rate Succession

We have all seen the countless deaths caused by guns in recent events. In order to prevent these, we need to stop the sale and appeal of guns. According to the FBI, 74% of the 13,927 homicides in 2019 were achieved using guns. Everyone can agree that is way too many. The number of suicides caused by firearms is also alarming at 24,290 deaths (AFSP 2020). Without guns, these statistics would be lowered considerably, leading to a better country.

Deaths aren’t the only things that guns cause. Firearms can be used for everyday crimes as well. 13,376 violent crimes occurred in Pennsylvania during 2021, and 4,374 of them were using handguns (FBI). This is an astronomical amount of crime, and that’s just in one state. In other places, such as Texas, these rates are even higher, with 27,688 out of 113,672 crimes involving guns.

To be more specific, the weapon that’s most commonly used for robberies in the US is a gun. This is also true when it comes to aggravated assault. In 11% of rape and sexual assault cases, there is a weapon involved. 6% of those weapons were guns. This may not seem like a lot, but it’s 27,818 uses (RAINN). Although these cases don’t always result in death, they are still detrimental to a human’s life. 

Many people agree with this point, but ponder how we will prevent crime and get guns out of the U.S. Obviously gun violence won’t be eliminated when the commerce of guns is banned. People will still have access to their previously-bought guns, but if the following proposal could go into action, this problem will be solved.

First, police buybacks will be put into place. This essentially means that gun owners must turn in their guns to get paid compensation. If owners don’t turn their guns in by a specific date, there will be a warrant for their arrest. This may seem extreme, but gun violence has gotten out of control and sometimes the only way to handle extreme problems is with extreme solutions.

Lastly, if they don’t surrender their guns within a specific amount of time, they will be put into jail. Obviously this isn’t a sure solution, but it’s still a start that will improve the current situation.

As you can see, guns cause crime and are extremely harmful. This planned out approach and these measures will result in reduced crimes, the deletion of guns, and a better country. Let’s ban guns.